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Having issues with your garage door opener? Whether you want to install a new garage door opener or repair your existing garage door system, you’ll find the perfect solution to fit all of your needs at Bravo Garage Door Repair. Our highly trained and experienced technicians specialize in garage door opener repairs on all brands and models. We also provide top quality installation of new garage door openers as well. Our favorite brands to install are Lift-Master & Chamberlain. We provide quality garage door opener troubleshooting and current replacement parts for all brands on the market today. If your garage door opener isn’t working correctly, you need a thorough inspection from a professional technician to diagnose & fix the issue. There are many possible causes for garage door opener malfunctions, but our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your system and troubleshoot to discover the source of the problem. Once the inspection is complete, we will discuss all available options with you and provide honest opinions with accurate estimates to help you determine the best solution for you and your family.

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At Bravo Garage Door Repair, we offer superior broken spring replacement services to our customers. We use only premium American made steel springs in all of our repairs. Our springs are not only stronger than other metal springs on the market, but they will also last longer. meaning you won’t have to replace them any time soon. The springs play a critical role in how your garage door system functions and operates. With so much tension riding on these simple garage door parts, maintenance and repair should be handled by a professional who understands the forces at work. Different types of garage doors require different spring sizes. If the springs are the wrong size, or if they are not installed correctly the door could malfunction and impact the entire garage door system. We ensure that the right springs are installed properly on your garage door system. Not only will we replace the springs, we will also ensure that your garage door is properly weighted, balanced, and lubricated at no extra cost to you.


At Bravo Garage Door Repair, we know that your home is your pride and joy. It’s important to have a place that not only you can stand in awe of, but the neighbors, too. The garage door is a focal point in any house’s exterior, so not surprisingly, it’s one of the easiest ways to really make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. When choosing a new one, you’re going to need plenty of options. When choosing the perfect garage door for your home, quality is most certainly going to make a difference. When a door is made with inferior materials or cheap paint, it’s going to show and will be noticeable to the naked-eye. However, you won’t have to worry about this when working with Nevada Garage Door Repair. From wood to fiberglass and steel, we use only the highest quality materials with vivid, long-lasting colors and luxurious textures.

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Garage Door off track
Misaligned Track – Over time or due to an accidental bump, tracks can be bent or forced out of alignment. Listen for scraping or squealing noises and check if your door slows at a certain spot. Broken Springs – A snapping spring sounds like a firecracker going off in your garage, while a worn spring will cause your door to resist being opened or closed and not remain in position.Door Damage – Dented panels, broken windows, damaged trim and more. If your garage door has seen better days, we’ll do our best to provide repairs instead of replacing the entire door.
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